Terms & Conditions

brookline campers


Welcome to Brookline Campers and thank you for choosing us for your holiday, we wish you a very happy, safe and fun filled trip and we are here for you throughout your hire.

These terms and conditions will take precedence over any other stated terms and conditions.

1. Definitions

1 Brookland Vehicle Rental Ltd T/A Brookline Campers, Unit 11 Princes Drive Ind Est, Kenilworth CV8 2FD
2 “Driver” and/or “Hirer” means the person(s) nominated as the driver(s) and/or hirer(s) as indicated in the Rental Agreement.
3 “Campervan” and/or “Camper” means the vehicle being hired as indicated in the Rental Agreement.
4 “Rental Agreement” means the document containing the details of the hire, which is signed by the hirer on collection and return of the Campervan.
5 “Reservation Date” means the date upon which the hire commences in accordance with the Rental Agreement
6 “Reservation Period” means the dates for which the hire takes place in accordance with the Rental Agreement

2. Reservations
1 Reservations are booked online through the Brookline Campers website or by calling directly on the advertised number.
2 A deposit is required at the time of booking for when the Reservation Date is within 6 weeks of the date of the booking being made. Full payment is due 6 weeks prior to the commencement of the Reservation Date.
3 All prices quoted and charged are in GBP.
4 Payment is accepted via debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express).
5 Reservations are confirmed via email following receipt of full payment or deposit payment.
6 Once a reservation is confirmed our Cancellation Policy will apply, as set out in this document.
7 Brookline Campers will not be responsible for any added banking charges.

3. Hire Period
1 The hire period will be the dates agreed in the Rental Agreement.
2 Rental is charged on a per day basis.
3 Brookline Campers run a 3-day minimum hire period all year.
4 Collection and return operated from our operation site, delivery and collection can be arranged prior to booking at additional cost.
5 The campervan will be collected and returned at the agreed time as stated in the Rental Agreement from Brookline Campers address. Unless otherwise agreed in advance of the hire.
6 Late return of the Campervan will incur a charge as set out in the security deposit section.

4. Hire Includes
1 Unlimited Mileage across all bookings for UK travel. Fuel is not included; the Campervan is supplied with a full tank of fuel and must be returned full.
2 Only drivers named on the hire agreement are permitted to drive.

3 Full Breakdown and Roadside Assistance cover
4 Camping equipment as listed later in this document.


5. Hirer / Driver(s) – Insurance
a. Hire includes Fully Comprehensive Insurance for all agreed drivers.
b. Insurance cover does not extend to personal items.
c. All drivers must be present when collecting the campervan.
d. All drivers must satisfy the insurance conditions:
- are not under the age of 23 or over 75 years of age.
- has held a full UK or EU licence for a minimum of two years.
- has the entitlement to drive a UK category B vehicle up to 3500kg GMVW.
- has a licence to drive manual transmission vehicles
- has not had their licence suspended for any period within the last three years.
- has not been involved in more than one fault incident within the last three years.
- has no more than two convictions with a maximum of 3 points per conviction. Spent convictions are not included in line with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.
- has not obtained a BA, DD or UT conviction
- has not had insurance cover declined, cancelled or refused previously.
e. The following occupations are not eligible for insurance
i. Professional Entertainers and Professional Sports Persons
ii. Jockeys and any person connected with said sport.
f. You must notify us of any endorsements on the licence of any Driver at the time of making a reservation.
g. The following documents must be provided prior to the commencement of the reservation to verify the driver’s identity and validate the insurance criteria:
i. A current, valid, photographic driver’s licence for all Drivers.
ii. Poof of address in the form of two utility bills dated within 3 months of hire.
iii. The Driver’s licence and proof of address documents should contain the same address. Where this is different additional documentation may be requested.
iv. A DVLA check code for UK issued licenses. Failure to provide this may result in your reservation being cancelled.
h. Foreign licence holders must contact Brookline Campers before making a reservation to confirm the validity of their licence. Should a reservation be made and the licence is deemed invalid our normal Cancellation Policy will apply.
i. Should any disputes arise the decision to provide cover rests with the insurance company.

j. Our vehicles are equipped with fleet telematics


6. Exclusions
1 The following are excluded from insurance and are therefore the responsibility of the hirer:
2 Mechanical Problems due to Driver negligence
3 Damage caused by a negligent act
4 Replacement of aerials, glass, wheels or fixing an incident of incorrect fuelling.
5 Tools or spares.
6 Damage to the underside of the Campervan or extendable sleeping area.
7 The theft of the camper if keys were left within the vehicle or the vehicle was left unattended.


7. Security Deposit
1. A security deposit is taken to cover any damage, or loss to vehicle contents, the vehicle must be returned in the condition it was hired.
2. A security deposit of £750 for the VW's and £1000 for a Motorhome is payable on the day of hire. This must also be cleared by the bank prior to hire.
3. The security deposit is payable by the payment means indicated earlier in this document.
4. Should an incident occur during hire that results in the loss of the security deposit, a further security deposit must be provided to continue hire. Failure to make payment of a further deposit may invalidate the insurance.
5. The security deposit is refundable within 1 week following satisfactory return of the vehicle and following an inspection of its condition. Refunds will be processed within a 1-week period but funds may not clear within this timescale.
6. The security deposit may however be retained pending the outcome of an insurance claim, regardless of fault.
7. The security deposit will be charged and lost in the following circumstances:
8. Insurance Excess – The security deposit forms an insurance excess should any claim be made against the insurance.
9. Chargeable Fees – If prohibited activity occurs within the vehicle, we will charge the related fee as indicated throughout this document.
10. Loss or damage – Including to the vehicle and/or its equipment; including fixtures, fittings, windows, tyres and extras.
11. Cleaning – Should the vehicle be returned without being in a clean condition then a cleaning fee will be charged.
a. £100 for general valeting.
b. £200 if smoking has taken place within the vehicle.
12. Fuel costs – Should the vehicle be returned with the fuel tank below the full mark, the re-fuel cost will be deducted from the security deposit.
13. Late Return – This is charged at one day rental cost plus any additional days late. Hirer’s must notify Brookline Campers if they are to be late to prevent insurance being invalidated.
14. The Driver and/or Hirer also agrees to pay any additional costs over and above the security deposit should damages or loss exceed the security deposit within 28 days of the end of the hire period.

8. Extras
European Cover
1. The hire from Brookline Campers includes cover for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
2. Cover for other European countries is charged at £100 per hire..

3. The hirer must notify Brookline Campers if they intend to travel to Europe.
4. Brookline Campers will ensure insurance and breakdown is in place for European travel.
5. Brookline Campers will provide all the necessary equipment needed by law for your travel in Europe.
6. The hirer is ultimately responsible for ensuring the local traffic laws of each country visited are complied with.
7. Additional Drivers can be added for a fee of £25 per driver.
8. Additional drivers will be subject to the same insurance conditions and document requirements as the main Driver.


9. Use of the Campervan
Driving standards
1 The vehicle will be driven in a cautious, alert, considerate and normal manner.
2 The Drivers will at all times drive within the bounds of legislation for the country they are within.
3 The vehicle will not be driven in prohibited areas.
4 The vehicle will not be driven when the Driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
5 The vehicle will only be driven by named Drivers on the Rental Agreement.
6 No persons are carried in the vehicle unless using a proper seat along with its safety restraint.
8 The vehicle will be attended at all times when the key is in the ignition or when the vehicle is unlocked.
9 The vehicle will not be submerged in water or otherwise exposed to salt water.

Reasonable Care

At all times the Hirer, Drivers and all occupants of the vehicle must exercise reasonable care and consideration for the vehicle and its contents. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the vehicle and will attract a charge should this occur. Naked flames are strictly prohibited in the vehicle; including the use of lighters, candles and other such items. The only exception is the integrated gas hob that is permitted for cooking use only.



Pets and animals, other than dogs by prior agreement, you must use blankets on seating and bedding when the vehicle is in use.
Dogs must never be left unattended in the Campervan

10. Breakdown and Maintenance
1. 24-hour Breakdown and Roadside assistance.
2. All faults or damage to the Campervan must be reported to Brookline Campers within 24 hours of it occurring.
3. The Driver will take reasonable care of the vehicle whilst it is under hire. This includes, but is not limited to, checking coolant and oil levels, tyre pressures and tread depth, batteries and lights.
4. Liability is with the Driver if the incorrect fuel is used. The vehicle runs on diesel.
5. Repairs can be authorised by the Hirer and/or Driver without approval to the maximum value of £50. A receipt must be presented for any repairs undertaken.
6. Expenditure to the value of £50 is also pre-authorised for the Hirer and/or Driver to fix reasonably incurred minor defects such as light bulbs. A receipt must be presented for reimbursement. This does not extend to covering costs associated with damage caused by the Hirer and/or Driver.


11. Accidents, Collisions and Criminal Acts
1. Should an accident, collision, incident or criminal act occur involving the camper, the following will apply: The Hirer must notify Brookline Campers as soon as possible, and no later than 24 hours after, of an accident or incident occurring; regardless of fault.
2. The Hirer must obtain the name, address and contact details of all third-party witnesses.
3. The Hirer must obtain the name, address, contact details, vehicle registration and insurance details of any other vehicle involved.
4. The Hirer must inform the police of the accident or incident in-line with the law of the country they are within.
5. The Hirer must complete the accident/incident report found within the rental agreement.
6. No admittance of liability should be made by the Hirer and or Driver, nor any offer to settle claims.
7. The Hirer will assist Brookline Campers in the resolution of any claim or investigation.
8. The Hirer acknowledges the security deposit is retained pending the outcome of an insurance claim, regardless of fault.
9. Where criminal enquiries relate to the Campervan during the Rental Period, Brookline Campers will assist the relevant authority with the investigation and the Hirer will also assist as necessary.

12. Traffic Laws and Regulations
1. The Hirer is responsible for all charges, fees, fines, taxes and penalties including toll roads, bridges, traffic offences, Parking tickets.
2. The Hirer shall be responsible for any other penalties and/or fines issued throughout the Rental Period.
3. Brookline Campers will provide personal details of the hirer if requested to do so by authorities and will notify the hirer if so.

13. Changes to bookings
1. Any changes of bookings must be notified by e-mail or telephone to Brookline Campers.
2. Amendments to booking dates will result in a re-evaluation of the total price and availability; Hirers will not be able to amend the booking without making any necessary additional payments to cover price differences.
3 Should the new booking result in a lower total price, no refund is given.

14. Cancellation of bookings
1. Brookline Campers aims to honour all bookings, sometimes we may need to cancel them. The following are situations in which we reserve the right to cancel bookings before, at the time of, or during a booking:
a. The required documentation is not provided as outlined in the Insurance section.
b. The insurance conditions are not met by any of the named Drivers.
c. For UK Drivers: If the check code is not provided from the DVLA.
d. The security deposit is unpaid.
e. The total balance is not paid 6 weeks prior to the Reservation Date.
f. Any payments are declined or reversed by the payment provider.
g. There are too many occupants in the vehicle.
h. There is difficulty in verifying the hirers or driver’s identification.
i. There is a fault or problem with the vehicle.
j. The Hirer breaches any part of this agreement.
k. The vehicle was obtained through fraud or misrepresentation.
l. Information is received from the authorities indicating the vehicle is being used in an irresponsible manner or unlawfully.
m. There is a concern for the welfare, health or suitability of the Driver.
n. Any information furnished by the Hirer and/or Driver is incorrect.
o. The vehicle appears abandoned.
p. The vehicle has been damaged, regardless of fault.
q. The vehicle is not returned as agreed or Brookline Campers suspect it will not be returned as agreed.

2. Driver/Hirer
In the event of cancellation by the Hirer the following charges will apply:
a. Failing to collect the Campervan (no show): 100% of the total hire charge.
b. Within 6 weeks prior to rental: 100% of the total hire charge.
c. Greater than 6 weeks prior to rental: £150 non-refundable booking deposit.
d. The above cancellation fees are at the discretion of Brookline Campers and will only be waived for exceptional circumstances where documented evidence is provided of the said circumstances.
e. Refunds will not include transaction fees.
f. Hirers should ensure they have adequate travel insurance that covers the cost of cancellations.

15. Complaints
1. Complaints should be made officially on return of the Campervan or during the hire.

2 We aim to satisfy all complaints immediately but in the case this doesn’t happen we aim to satisfy within 14 days.